How it Works

Just in case you were wondering how it all works, we’ve put together a quick rundown of what placing an order with US Best Writers is like.  We’ve made it affordable, easy, confidential, safe and secure to receive the highest caliber of custom writing services! Here’s how it works:

  1. Place Your Order: This is the easy part and only takes a few moments.  Simply click on the Order Now section of our website, and enter all of the relevant information about your academic assignment.  Be sure to include your assignment type, writing style, the level of academic study (i.e. term paper or essay), subject, assignment length, and any other information that will help us match your assignment with the perfect writer! 
  1. Pay For Your Order: Pay for your order using our safe and secure payment portal.  We partner with reputable PayPal to ensure secure processing for all orders.  Once you pay for your order, we can begin!
  1. We Match You With the Perfect Writer: We will use all of the information you provided to match you with a writer that is guaranteed to write an assignment that will impress your professor!
  1. Research and Writing: Your writer will research and draft your assignment from scratch!  If you need to speak with your writer, we can place you in touch with them!  Your writer is 100% committed to helping you in any way possible.
  1. Order Delivered: Once your writer finishes your assignment, we will deliver your order via email.  Look it over and let us know how we did! If you require revisions on your assignment, contact our customer support center to place a revision request.  We want you 100% satisfied!

Turn It In: Now just turn it in!  You can sit back and relax while we do the all the work. And your professor will never know!

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