Welcome to US Best Writer’s most frequently asked questions page, we aim to answer any questions you have right here.  If you have questions that have not been answered, please contact our US Best Writer’s support team immediately. Our support platform is available to you 24/7, even on nights and weekends!

How do I pay? 

You will pay after you complete your order form, as this form gives us an idea of how much custom writing you need to be completed.  You will be directed to our secure and 100% confidential payment site to complete payment. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and more!  Rest easy knowing that both your payment information and personal information (the little that we take) is completely confidential!

How will I know my information is kept confidential?

Simple, we collect very minimal information.  We only need your email to keep you updated with the progress of your paper and of course, the information to complete payment.  After your order is placed, your personal writer will identify you by your essay number only. No stress here, we will never share your information with anyone, including your professors.

Will you recycle my paper’s content?

No, we will never recycle or reuse the content that was custom created for you!  Not only is that illegal, but it is against our company’s ethical standards. We offer the top online custom writing services across the globe and we have earned our reputation by continuing to offer 100% authentic content for each and every paper we create.  

When will my paper be delivered?

That depends on how quickly you request delivery.  Here at US Best Essays you can choose your deadline when you create your order form.  We have options ranging from 30 days all the way up to 6 hours before the custom writing assignment is due. You let us know when you’d like it delivered, and we guarantee an on-time delivery or your money back!  How cool is that? If you’ve waited until the last minute and just can’t get it done, we’ve got your back in as little as 6 hours time. Wow! How amazing is that?

Thank you for viewing our FAQ page, we appreciate your interest in our custom writing services.  We know that once you give US Best Writers a try, you’ll be impressed with the amount of free time you have to spend with your friends.  Don’t wait, place your first order today to get the ball rolling!

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