This assignment tasks the student with defining their target industry and researching

Issue facing Human Resources

U 460-E01 Senior Seminar in Business
Article Summary #1:
Issues in My Industry
This assignment tasks the student with defining their target industry and researching
issues facing their industry today. For example, an issue facing Human Resources
might be the use of social media for background checks or COVID-19 and the future of
the workforce. Health Care Management students may want to research issues
associated with privacy issues and electronic health records, cultural diversity,
behavioral health, or insurance coverage.
No matter your professional focus, every industry faces issues that are part of executive
management conversation. This assignment tasks students with researching current
issues in the industry of your study. Next, students will prepare a summary of an interest
that may affect you as you pursue employment.
The Assignment:
1. Read several articles to become familiar with current issues in your industry.
Articles selected should be of material length (several pages) from journalistic or
industry sources (i.e. major papers, magazines, journals).
2. Select one of the articles and provide a 2-3 paragraph summary of the issue.
Include the following:
a. Definition of the industry of interest (i.e. Health Care)
b. Definition of the issue of interest (i.e. Medical Costs)
c. Summary of the key points associated with the issue

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