Briefly summarize what your selection discussed and how it relates to values and ethics

values and ethics

Find an article, news report, podcast, lecture, or video that either deals with values and ethics or discusses a concept or technology that has ethical implications. At the top of your paper, include a full reference to your selection, including an Internet link.

Write a 1-2 page essay (double-spaced) that contains four components:

  • Briefly summarize what your selection discussed and how it relates to values and ethics. (Stick to one paragraph – summarize, don’t regurgitate!) (20 points)
  • Relate the topic of your reading to at least one of the values we discussed in this unit (or to another value that has to do with information) and describe exactly how that value comes into play with this topic. (20 points)
  • Relate the topic of your reading to one of the ethical frameworks discussed in the Fox & Reece reading. For example, you can identify which ethical framework the author/s or people depicted in the reading might be coming from. Or you might introduce your own analysis of the topic based on one of the ethical frameworks. (20 points)
  • Declare your own stance on the topic and provide a rationale for your stance while maintaining a respectful discussion of possible opposing views. (20 points)

Tips about selecting a source: A Wikipedia article is not acceptable. Good sources include newspaper or magazine articles, blog posts, podcasts, TED talks, radio/TV productions, etc.

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