Movie review

How would you describe the relationship between sheep and humans in this video?

I want you to delve into some of your own qualitative observations. Watching Coom Biddy is a bit like visiting a sheep farm for ourselves. Lucien Casting Taylors observing camera work is in no hurry (it is an excerpt from an entire film, which is beautiful. It contains no narration and hardly any conversation). His sound recording allows us to delve into the lives of people, sheep, and the landscape itself. To answer at least two of the following questions, you may need to watch the video again, or close your eyes and re-visit your impressions. This is like returning to your home at the end of the day, ready to download your observations from the day and condense them into your field notes… When you are done with your own observations (250 words), 

  • How would you describe the relationship between sheep and humans in this video? (Consider dependency, vs. benefit)
  • What are possible motivations/intentions for each of these actors, human and animal? (In how they move, collective, individual)
  • What are some of the human values associated with sheep keeping and sheering? (Identity, culture, history, belonging – how can we see this?)
  • How personal are the relationships between shearers and sheep? (Names, personal histories, etc.)
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