Follow the guidelines in The Curious Writer for writing an Ethnographic Essay on page 311.

writing an Ethnographic Essay

Taking into consideration the peer feedback you ve received about your first draft and following the advice for revising on pages 327-329 of your textbook, complete and submit the final draft of your Ethnographic Essay. Your final essay should be 1000 words in length and should follow the guidelines in The Curious Writer for writing an Ethnographic Essay on page 311. Craft an ethnographic essay that has an effective introduction, a body that is rich with details and reasons, and a satisfying conclusion; an essay that offers a convincing interpretation of the group and culture youve focused on. For additional assignment details, go to the “Major Assignments” folder and select “Ethnographic Essay Outline” to view and/or print the assignment summary.  Format Instructions You should follow the same format instructions that we used for the personal essay. To view and/or print the above format instructions and additional advice for ALL papers click: . This resource is also available in the course Toolbox.

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