create a concept map that explains all the factors that impact your scope of practice

The factors that impact your scope of practice

You will create a concept map that explains all the factors that impact your scope of practice. Then you will select one of the following scenarios that seems most relevant to your future role. Note that some scenarios may be interchangeable with your role, so you may substitute if desired. Based on the scope of practice you have outlined, you will analyze the implications for clinical decision-making to guide what your next steps would be. Answer the following in the powerpoint template provided. Each component must include a fully detailed written description in the speaker notes with citations.

  1. MSN Role: Explain the MSN role according to your specialty track and support claims with specific evidence from at least one scholarly or professional source. Fully define your specialty role, including the overall responsibilities and the anticipated practice settings. This will ensure you have set the parameters for your future analysis. Address the following in your response.
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